Saturday, September 25, 2010

Staff Changes at the General Council Office

United Church of Canada -General News and Announcements
September 22, 2010

Significant staff changes were announced on September 21, 2010, at the General Council Office as part of a comprehensive plan to build a faithful and sustainable future for The United Church of Canada.

A number of positions are being refocused or eliminated as a result of decisions the Executive of the General Council made at its May 2010 meeting. These steps are being taken to redirect work, reorganize the work of the General Council Office, and address budget constraints. These organizational changes were implemented after prayerful consideration of how best to live into the directions of the Executive and support the work of the United Church in a rapidly changing world.

As part of these changes, 16 valued colleagues have left or will be leaving the General Council Office. We thank them for their faithful service and hold them in our prayers in these days of change. We acknowledge the loss felt by General Council Office staff as they say goodbye to friends and colleagues.

The work of a number of other staff members will change to better support the directions the Executive has set for the General Council Office.

These staff transitions are part of a wide-ranging plan the Executive approved in May to ensure the United Church remains relevant and faithful in a changing context. This plan, which was developed after broad consultation throughout the church, also directed reductions in grants to mission support, global partners, theological schools, and education centres. At the same time, the Executive approved several new initiatives to encourage and revitalize ministries and simplify church processes. These initiatives include the Network for Ministry Development, which will provide services and support for congregational transformation and ministry development, and the New Ministries Fund, directed toward new and innovative ministries.

Today’s changes fulfill the staff reductions related to 2011–13 budget requirements authorized by the Executive in May 2010. As we continue to live into the Executive’s decision and plan for revisioning the future, further staff changes and reassignments may evolve.

The General Council Office supports the ministry and mission of congregations, presbyteries, mission units, and Conferences, and is the national expression of The United Church of Canada, working ecumenically and in global partnership. It is funded by voluntary givings to the Mission and Service Fund.

The Executive of the General Council acts on behalf of the General Council between General Council meetings, and generally meets twice a year. The Executive is composed of 50 voting members elected from across the country. Members are lay or ministry personnel, and represent all 13 Conferences, francophone, ethnic, and Aboriginal constituencies, and various national committees.