Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I love the United Church of Canada

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by Shaaron
September 6, 2010

I love the United Church of Canada. I love our people. I love the singing and I love singing along. I love the old stuff and I love the new stuff. I love listening to a minister who knows so much more than I do and I love learning from him/her. I love that we include everyone. I love that I can say, "I'm United. We love everybody!" and I love saying it with pride.

I love the smell of a well-used sanctuary. I love the old photos of people from way before me. I love our coat of arms plaque. I love the Alpha Omega letters on the pulpit cloth. I love to watch baptisms. I love to see everyone come together to put on a play or to serve delicious food. I love staying around after the service to have a glass of juice and a cookie or two even though I'm rarely spoken to.

I love to see the young with the old together. I love to see traditional families and gay families there all under the same roof, worshipping the same God, who loves us all.