Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Launching of an internet social network for the family!

NEW YORK and TORONTO, May 2, 2012 /Canada NewsWire Telbec/ - With already thousands of members from 20 different countries, WILBY.TV today officially launched its English version in the United States and Canada. "The Universe of WILBY™" is a fun, educational and 100% safe online social universe for children and their family, available free at

About the Universe of Wilby™

Founded by three entrepreneurs and fathers concerned about Internet use among young people, and education at school and in the home, "The Universe of WILBY™" is an online social universe helping children six and older and families around the world to flourish and grow healthily by offering effective personal development tools and a safe, fun and educational online entertainment environment.

An Ingeniuosly Designed Social Universe for Children

"The Universe of Wilby™" is designed for children aged 6 to 12 years. With parental support, its young members can create their own avatars, express themselves, communicate, learn other languages, earn points, watch videos, post their accomplishments, earn rewards and participate in multiplayer educational games already played in over 20,000 primary schools.

This online world also offers an educational animated TV series where the main character, a ten year old boy named Wilby, experiences the daily realities of today's children and tells his stories to correspondents who write to him from around the world.

A More Constructive Alternative

For parents, WILBY.TV represents a great alternative to other virtual worlds such, and Although very entertaining, they do not compare in the strength of educational and constructive support offered by "The Universe of Wilby™".

A Growing Social Movement for the Positive Development of Youth

Available for only a few months in French, WILBY.TV already has thousands of active members from around the world and its popularity is growing every day! Adaptations in Spanish and Mandarin will be available in the coming months. "The Universe of WILBY™" is much more than an online world! It's actually a fast growing social movement rallying children and families worldwide around a common cause: the positive development of the youth of today and tomorrow.

Wilby Affiliate Program

To accelerate its international expansion, the company has implemented a strategically designed affiliate program for web entrepreneurs who wish to become involved in marketing WILBY.TV in their area. For more information on the Wilby affiliate program, visit:

About the Company

Wilby Inc. was founded in 2010 by three Canadian fathers, David Banford, Jimmy Bouchard and Rejean Gauthier, who wanted to offer positive and educational entertainment to their children.

To learn all about the Universe of WILBY™ in just 2 minutes: