Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Canadians Give a Darn by Giving A Day

TORONTO, November 15, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - In support of The Stephen Lewis Foundation and Dignitas International, Give a Day celebrates its 8th year. A simple yet powerful way to make a real difference in the struggle against AIDS in Africa, the Give a Day initiative encourages Canadians to respond to the HIV/AIDS pandemic by giving one day's pay on World AIDS Day, December 1, to either The Stephen Lewis Foundation or Dignitas International or both. To date, Canadians have raised over $3,000,000 through Give a Day.

"The AIDS pandemic will be halted when we assert that the current situation is intolerable and the solutions are within our grasp. Be part of the answer. Please, give a day." - Dr. Jane Philpott, Founder of Give A Day

2011 Give a Day Campaign

The 2011 campaign is well underway. This year, ten law firms, hundreds of articling students, healthcare professionals from more than twelve hospitals, and several communities are running Give a Day events.

How it Works

Give a Day recommends participants donate to two excellent recipient organizations: the Stephen Lewis Foundation ( which provides funding to grassroots organizations that are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and/or Dignitas International (, a medical humanitarian organization working to increase access to life-saving treatment and prevention.

The money raised helps keep children in school where both nutrition and education are provided; helps provide community support for those attempting to deal with the tremendous losses they've suffered; and provides treatment, care and support to children and adults who are dealing with HIV/AIDS in Africa on a daily basis.

What You Can Do

Host a Give a Day Harambee: "a party with a purpose" to raise funds and awareness about HIV/AIDS. Make it a fun theme party or just because!

Join the challenge and donate a day's pay !