Wednesday, October 26, 2011

United Church Moderator Comments on the Occupy Movement

TORONTO, October 26, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - In a recent blog entry entitled "Occupy Hope," the Moderator of The United Church of Canada, Mardi Tindal, said that she sees the Occupy movement as an expression of hope similar to that being offered by faith communities that are working toward the promise of abundant life for all.

"Inequality challenges the faith we profess as followers of Jesus,"
wrote Tindal as she offered her impressions of the Occupy movement.

"Much has been made of the fact that the Occupy movement, which describes itself as 'a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colours, genders, and political persuasions,' appears to have no coherent goals. What is it resisting? Where does it want to go? For my part, I see the movement as both a search for hope and a statement of hope, made by people who have come to believe that something is deeply wrong in the staggering inequality of our current society. I don't think it is required of anyone to provide a complete, documented solution before they're allowed to express concern. To the contrary, recognizing that 'something is not right' is the essential first step toward defining change."

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