Thursday, April 28, 2011

10-Year-Old Pressures KFC to Stop Destroying U.S. Forests (Video)

by Rachel Cernansky, Boulder, Colorado

Take a small group of determined schoolchildren who care about the environment and you get a story to inspire the rest of us: first, Cole had a school project that ended up getting McDonald's to change to recycled packaging. Now, he and some friends are taking on KFC.

The company is said to source its packaging from paper companies, including International Paper, that are destroying endangered forests in North Carolina, where Cole lives. He, his sister Kaela, and friends Nik and Liam all contacted KFC but got no response, so decided to drive (with Cole's generous mother at the wheel) 350 miles to Louisville, Kentucky to deliver more than 6,000 postcards that they'd recruited 7 elementary schools to collect.

Cole explains in his own words how he's gotten here:

"I had a second grade project to be an environmental activist," he said. "I found that the forests in NC are being cut down and animals are being endangered and so I did [work to get] McDonald's to change and they switched to 100% post-consumer recycled bags. Now I am doing KFC."

Watch the video of the kids' journey here:

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