Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Good Goes National: Scouts Ready to Rock Canada with Kindness

OTTAWA, March 23, 2011 /Canada NewsWire/ - In just a few days, The Good Goes National. From March 27 - April 2, 2011, Scouts Canada will celebrate its second National Good Turn Week, and Scouts across the nation will rock the country with thousands of acts of kindness.

It will start with just one Good Turn. In every province, city and town over the next week, hundreds of acts of kindness from the organization's youth members and adult volunteers will gather momentum. Each member has been given an official Good Turn wristband. They'll perform a Good Turn, and pass on the wristband to the recipient of that Good Turn. That person then does a Good Turn for someone else; passing on both the good turn and the wristband …until The Good Goes National.

Last year's inaugural Good Turn Week was a tremendous success for Scouting's membership, with over 100,000 Good Turns taking place nationwide. This year, kids and adults alike were so anxious to start, they began asking for their wristbands in early January.

Steve Kent, the organization's Chief Commissioner, is not surprised at all that Scouting youth are so hyped for their second annual event:

"Our members are ready to take on National Good Turn Week with the characteristic enthusiasm that is so very Scouting. We are not at all surprised, but we never cease to be impressed, particularly by the knowledge that our youth think doing a Good Turn is cool! Our current technology and social media tools will allow the entire country to see what Scouting is all about; what a positive and uplifting message. And given the increases in overall membership we've seen over the past two years, it's clear that Canadian youth and parents appreciate the values that make Scouting unique as a youth organization. It's nice to know that to Canadians, Scouting still stands for goodness."

National Good Turn Week will feature its own bilingual website accessible at All Scouts, leaders and others can post and share their Good Turn ideas in real time, text them, or share their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

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