Monday, November 1, 2010

Canadian Patient Safety Week Launches Across Canada

Campaign encourages open communication between patients and providers

EDMONTON, November 1, 2010 /Canada NewsWire/ - 'Don't just think it, say it' - this is the message the Canadian Patient Safety Institute is getting out to patients, their families and healthcare providers during Canadian Patient Safety Week, November 1-5, 2010.

Every year, between 9,000 and 24,000 people die as a result of preventable adverse events or harm in the Canadian healthcare system.

"Patients and family members may not always feel like they should question their care, or speak up if they think something's not right," says Hugh MacLeod, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. "But whether it is the patient, resident or client, a family member, the healthcare provider, or decision-makers at the executive table, everyone has a role to play. We are hoping that through increased awareness, the importance of communication in healthcare will be recognized at all levels, leading to better outcomes for the patient."

To help highlight the importance of communication in ensuring safe care, thousands of patients, healthcare providers and organizations from across Canada will be hosting events and activities related to patient safety.

One of more than 1,200 registered participants in the week, William Hill, principal of clinical quality and patient safety, Medavie EMS, says his organization will be taking the opportunity to highlight the importance of patient safety for paramedics across the country, including the unique challenges paramedics face in an ever-changing environment. "We often provide care in a perilous environment, so understanding and addressing the unique risks involved for the patient, paramedic and public are of utmost concern for us."

CPSI provides patient safety tools, resources, information and support to ensure the week is a success for participants across the country.

The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) was established in 2003 as an independent not-for-profit corporation, operating collaboratively with health professionals and organizations, regulatory bodies and governments to build and advance a safer healthcare system for Canada by inspiring extraordinary improvement in patient safety and quality.