Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Much Hydration Do You Really Need?

You would think they would know better; at Brown University in Providence, RI, they even have their own branded bottled water.

by Lloyd Alter, Toronto

A few months ago my wife and daughter were visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario and checking their bags. A woman ahead was told that she had to check her water bottle and she wailed, "But how will I stay hydrated?" My wife thought, but did not say, "you are in an art gallery, not the Sahara Desert."

But this obsession with hydration is everywhere, nobody seems to be able to get around anymore without either their own proper BPA free stainless steel bottle if they are politically correct, or their Fiji Water if they are not. Where did this come from?

The Guardian had a good article about the subject.... Read the full story on TreeHugger