Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bible Geocoding

from the Scout Report

Religious scholars and others have always been interested in the place names found in the Bible, and this site will be a delightful find for anyone who shares this interest.

This site, created by a graduate of Wheaton College, features interactive maps of every place mentioned in the Bible. For its main data source, the site uses the Morrish Bible Dictionary, which contains the coordinates for many place names listed in the Bible. Drawing on this material, the site also uses satellite imagery along with shaded relief details from the United States Geological Survey.

It's easy to get started; visitors can just click on the "Complete Bible" link at the top of the homepage to look around. It might be more interesting and less overwhelming to use the "Individual Books" area to look around via discrete sections, such as "Genesis", "Matthew", and "Psalms". ...visit the website here

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