Friday, May 9, 2014

United Church of Canada Statement on National Day of Honour

TORONTO, Ontario May 9, 2014 /Canada NewsWire/ - The United Church of Canada has posted a public statement on its website, marking today's National Day of Honour for those who served in Canada's military mission in Afghanistan.
The statement reads,
Today is a day to honour the men and women who served in Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan.
It is a day to say thank you to the families of Canadian Armed Forces personnel who bore a special burden of being apart from their loved ones –  for the tears and heartache that filled so many of their days as they waited for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters to come home.
It is also a day to mourn the loss of life of the military personnel who did not come home. The cost of their service is honoured today. In our remembering, let us stand close to their families as they continue to grieve.
Today too we also honour those who did return from Afghanistan. We are grateful for your service. For those of you who continue to bear the burden of that service, we pray for healing and wholeness. May today’s celebration give you strength and courage to face the future with the same determination you displayed during your service in Afghanistan.
We pray for military personnel who are part of our own United Church family, who give of themselves each day in the service for us all. We are especially mindful of the military chaplains whose ministry is to serve as pastor to all Canadian Armed Forces members and their families whether they are in the field or here at home. Thank you for your witness to the living Christ as you hold Canada’s military personnel in your compassionate care.
To all who served, to all who died, and to all who waited at home, may today’s honouring be a tender reminder of the everlasting dream that all of God’s creation will one day live in peace.